Annual General Meeting - Weds 15th April

Wednesday 15th April marks the date of the 41st Annual General Meeting of the Association. The purposes of the meeting are to review the activities of the past year, elect a new Council for the coming year and for the Council to receive feedback from the membership on how they - that's you - would like to see the Association develop.

IAA public lecture: 1st April 7.30 p.m.- Kate Russo, Andy McCrea and IAA Members: "The Great Solar Eclipse of 20th March"

Partial Solar Eclipse
Since Kate Russo and Terry Moseley were beaten by clouds in the Faroes, there will be a slight change in presentation compared with the planned format.- Kate will give an account of our experience in the Faroes, and Dr Andy McCrea who was lucky enough to get a last minute cancellation for a seat on a high altitude jet flight to see it, will give his account & show his amazing photos.