Weds 17th April - 45th Annual General Meeting, Apollo 11 short talk and Observatory tour

Apollo 11

Wednesday 17th April marks the date of the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Association. The purposes of the meeting are to review the activities of the past year, elect a new Council for the coming year and for the Council to receive feedback from the membership on how they - that's you - would like to see the Association develop.


This year there will be two additional features to add to the formal business.

Lecture: Weds 3rd April - Prof Alan Fitzsimmons - "DART & Hera - Moving an Asteroid"

Prof Alan Fitzsimmons

Over the past few decades, our knowledge of how to handle the threat posed by Near-Earth Objects has increased enormously. Astronomers surveying the sky find over 150 new NEOs per month. We understand the gross characteristics of that population; how many there are, what they are made of, their overall structure and how their orbits change. Now the final stage of threat assessment is under way. In three years time, humanity will test whether it can move a small asteroid for the first time.