Lecture - Weds 30th Nov - Dr Wes Fraser (QUB) - "Recent space exploration: small guys take the spotlight"

Dr Wes Fraser
In the last few years, we have witnessed a second renaissance in robotic space exploration. Unlike the era of Voyager and Magellan however, the missions that have truly caught the public’s eye have visited the Solar System’s small objects. New Horizons to Pluto, Rosetta to comet 67P, Dawn to Ceres and Vesta, we now have a deep understanding of these small bodies implicating facts about their formation that we are still yet to fully appreciate.

Lecture Weds 5th Oct - Prof Jose Groh (TCD) - "Live fast and die hard: the evolution and death of massive stars”

Prof Jose Groh
“Live fast and die hard: the evolution and death of massive stars”
Stars more massive than 8 Suns end their lives in dramatic supernova explosions. But before dying, these monster stars have tumultuous lives when they blow winds, suffer giant eruptions, and interact with companion stars. In this talk, Prof. Jose Groh (TCD) will give an overview on the fast lives of the most massive stars in the Universe and how they evolve. He will also discuss the roles of massive, monster stars as cosmic engines of the Universe.

Opening Lecture Weds 21st September - Prof Alan Fitzsimmons - "Sungrazing Comets - Falling Into Hell"

Prof Alan Fitzsimmons
This year's season opener features a return visit to the IAA by Prof Alan Fitzsimmons of QUB's Astrophysics Research Centre on the subject of "Sungrazing Comets - Falling Into Hell". Alan is one of our greatest supporters and most popular speakers and has given us many superb lectures over a period measured in decades. This once again promises to be an excellent start to our new lecture season. 

"Images of Starlight" exhibition 2nd August - 30th Sept Linenhall Library

Aurora Borealis, Ballygally, Co Antrim
The Irish Astronomical Association (IAA), in conjunction with the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (IFAS) and the Irish Astronomical Society (IAS), presents "Images of Starlight", a highly regarded exhibition of the best astronomical photographs taken by amateur astronomers throughout Ireland.
See coverage of the launch on NVTV here from 18.42 onwards....