IAA lecture, 11th December. Leo Enright: "Making History: a guide to the next four days, as China lands on the Moon".

China has announced major plans for a lunar base and further exploration of the Moon. Right now, their advanced Lunar Rover is on its way there, due to land on Saturday.
The Irish Astronomical Association is delighted to announced that renowned space expert, writer and broadcaster, Leo Enright, will give a special public lecture in Queen's University on Wednesday 11 December.
Leo is well known as an expert on all matters relating to space, with extensive contacts will all the big national space agencies, and is equally well-known for his inimitable lecturing style.

"Moon, Stars and Jupiter" at Silent Valley, Kilkeel on Sunday 8th December

The Irish Astronomical Association, in conjunction with Mourne Heritage Trust, presents a free public astronomy evening, at the Ranger's Office, Silent Valley, Kilkeel, on Sunday 8 December, at 6:30pm.

This is a superb site with very little light pollution, and amazing views of the night sky.

Moongazing, Planetgazing, and Stargazing on Saturday 7th December at LNDC!

The IAA will present another public astronomy evening at Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, near Lurgan, on the evening of Saturday 7 December.

'Supper with the Stars':  Join the Irish Astronomical Association for a spectacular evening of night-skygazing and culinary delights at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. The event starts with an optional supper first at the Loughside cafe, at 6.30 p.m.

IAA Lecture 27 November - Dr John Quinn, UCD - "The High Energy Milky Way"

We all know the Milky Way as that band of light across the sky (when we can see it, away from all the light pollution), marking the millions of stars in the plane of the galaxy. But we can also study it in other wavelengths, from radio waves to the higher energy bands of extreme ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

These reveal an amazing array of fantastic objects and structures, which will be the topic of this lecture.

IAA Lecture 13th November - Total Solar Eclipse Double Bill

Terry Moseley BEM and Dr Kate Russo

Marking to the minute the first anniversary of the Total Solar Eclipse in North Queensland last year, we have lectures on the subject from two people who were there!

First off Terry Moseley will take a look at "Irish Solar Eclipses". Then Eclipse chaser and author Dr Kate Russo will look to the next eclipse in her talk entitled “The 2015 Total Solar Eclipse & a new book launch"

The Queensland totality ran from 20:36-20:38 UT on 13th November 2012.

Lecture - 30th October 2013 - Dr Andy McCrea - "Aurorae and Astronauts"

Dr Andy McCrea
Well known amateur astronomer, astro-imager, past IAA President, and proprietor of North Down Telescopes, Dr Andy McCrea will give the next lecture, based on his recent highly successful aurora hunting trip to Iceland, and his similarly successful astronaut-hunting exploits (only with cameras & an autograph book!). Andy will reveal all about aurorae, what causes them, where and how to see them and image them. 

Lecture 16th October - Dr Deirdre Coffey, UCD -“Exploring the Cosmos.' The View from Hubble and Beyond”

Dr Deirdre Coffey
Dr Deirdre Coffey is a Lecturer of Astronomy and Space Science at UCD School of Physics.
Following a BSc in Physics from UCD, she studied for a PhD in Astrophysics at The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Her post-doctoral experience includes a fellowship at Arcetri Observatory in Florence, Italy.
Her research interests are in the field of star formation.