Lecture - 17th Feb - Prof Andy Shearer (NUIG) - “What we don’t know (Dark Energy and Dark Matter)”

Prof Andy Shearer
We know a lot about the universe but what makes astronomy a continuously fascinating subject is what we don’t know. This includes 96% of the energy of the universe which is in the form of either dark matter or dark energy. Apart from these major considerations there are many other aspects of the universe we don’t understand including :  Where do the highest energy cosmic rays come from? Is there life elsewhere in the universe? What are neutron stars made of? 

Sat 13th Feb - An Astronomical Day Out at Dunsink Observatory - with Final Programme!

Dunsink Observatory

Situated on the North side of Dublin, Dunsink Observatory has a wonderful history of astronomical exploration going back centuries. These days it is run by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, and they have teamed up with amateur astronomers from the IAA, IAS and IFAS to bring you a day of astronomy talks, tours and entertainment, all for free!

Dunsink Observatory is located here,,,,

Lecture Weds 20th January, 7.30 p.m. - Dr Heather Cegla (QUB) - "Discovering Alien Worlds"

Dr Heather Cegla

This talk, by Dr Heather Cegla, of the Astrophysics Research Centre at QUB, will give a brief overview of the first ever confirmation of planets outside our solar system, the two main exoplanet detection methods, some stumbling blocks on the pathway to confirming an extra-solar Earth-analogue (which is her area of expertise), and discuss some prospects for the future and the efforts we’re taking to discover habitable alien worlds.